About Us

The Base camp hotel is located 14 km from Paro town (2500 m) situated in ideal and serene location harmony with the nature, located at the end point of Paro valley.

In the town that has been discomforting status in regards to the noise, this is an ideal location to embrace Paro for its real worth.

Located at the stunning view facing the magnificent Himalaya mountain Jow Drakay , Drukgyal fortress on its base with serene village where the time remain still. Since most of the famous and paramount trekking routes such as Mt. Jomolhari trek, Laya Gas trek, Lingshi trek and Snow man treks take the first step from the Drukgyal and it ends at Drukgyal. More over guest can also see live of four season going on while the villagers paddy fields floors the Base camp hotel.

Thus name Base camp is adapted from its location.

Facilities and other amenities may not be up to your expectation, but we will surpass it at your order. In order to achieve these goal your suggestion and recommendation is highly appreciated.

Beside the hotel services guest can take a morning and evening walks around the Drukgyel dzong monuments, just opposite the base camp hotel. Drukgyal is also hot spot for the stone bath, has a history of curing many illness, you can enjoy the medicinal hot stone bath.

It’s about giving you the freedom to express your journey with us and take memory with you, its base camp simply small and cozy.